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We use the latest 3d scanning technologies to digitize buildings and objects

SOE offers 3D scanning and reality capture services for buildings and artifacts of all shapes and sizes. We work across multiple industries and tailor our scanning approach to suit your project needs. We are uniquely qualified to work with the world’s most sensitive objects of all scales ranging from artifacts, artworks, and architecture.

Our recent 3D Scanning work
Our process

3D scanning tools are rapidly advancing and we're here to help you navigate the world of scanning technology. Our process incorporates many important details for creating accurate 3D assets. We work with our clients to select the best scanning approach based on project constraints such as budget, time, and goals.

We pride ourselves on staying up to date on the latest tech by attending conferences, trainings, lectures, and trade shows. We also offer 3D scanning workshops for students and professionals.

Laser Scanning1/3
Laser Scanning is a non-invasive 3D recording method that uses laser pulses to measure the distance from a scanner sensor to an object. This information is converted into a series of xyz coordinates that are plotted in 3D space known as a ‘point cloud.’ We use FARO Focus laser scanners to produce accurate metrological recordings of an object’s form and texture and sometimes use this data as a scaled digital ‘canvas’ onto which we can overlay colorized texture data from photogrammetry. We have experience with laser scanning projects for Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) and production industries.
Photogrammetry is the process of taking a series of 2D images to create a 3D model of an object or surface. We use sLRs to take hundreds of overlapping photographs of an object from many different angles and then stitch them together in the specialized reality capture software. Photogrammetry allows us to produce accurate 3D models with high-resolution, photo-realistic textures. We have experience with both ground and aerial UAV photogrammetry.
White/Blue Light Scanning3/3
White/Blue light scanners allow us to obtain 3D data, shot by shot, as a grid of light is projected and laid over the object. As a scan is completed the grid is modified, and the scanner determines the 3D coordinates by calculating the returned patterns. We use these scanners to capture the relief of an object in high detail. White/Blue Light scanners can only be used in controlled environments.

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Technology focused design for the web, mobile apps & exhibitions

We design experiences that create culturally relevant solutions to enhance user engagement and satisfaction. SOE develops Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and virtual tours to create touch-points that communicate, entertain, and educate people about cultural heritage. We're committed to designing inclusive experiences that are accessible to all users.

Our recent Design work
Augmented & Virtual Reality1/4
AR and VR provide compelling ways to display 3D models, create educational resources, restore and reconstruct objects that only partially exists, visualize scenes from viewpoints impossible in the real world due to size or accessibility issues, interact with objects without risk of damage, and provide tourism and museum exhibits. We create AR and VR apps that enhance the understanding and experience of a place by generating hybrid environments that mix together past and present scenarios.
Virtual Tours2/4
Using tools for ‘virtual visitation,’ such as 3D scanning, 360 photography/video, augmented/virtual reality, Matterport, and FARO cloud services for 3D reality data sharing, we equip our clients and partners with tools that enable teams to collaborate on job sites remotely, and provide possibilities for the public to virtually tour and experience places.
Exhibition Design3/4
We specialize in using innovative tech to design and fabricate installations and environments related to art, architecture, culture, history, and design.
3D Viewers4/4
We deploy a range of 3D viewers to display assets we create using our scanning and imaging tools. Each project requires a unique solution for storing and displaying your assets and we have experience implementing custom and proprietary 3D viewers for mobile apps and the web.

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we create cutting edge processes for preservation

Let us take your preservation project from start to finish. Our team can provide and manage all the technical details of your preservation project.

Our recent Preservation work
Our process

We know that time is precious in every project, which is why we use the latest tools to complete projects efficiently and accurately. Using the latest non-destructive imaging tools we're able to gain a deeper understanding about a building or object before any physical intervention. These tools also allow us to manufacture accurate reproductions without touching an object.

Research & Reports1/5
Our team has experience conducting in-depth historical and archival research at repositories across the globe. We conduct conservation focused research and consulting on materials matching and sourcing, including color matching and texture matching of terra cotta glazes. We compile our research and findings into concise historical, preservation, and conservation treatment reports.
Testing & Analysis2/5
SOE carries out non-destructive testing on buildings and objects using thermography, infrared, and UV imaging. We also provide cleaning tests, paint, and mortar analysis on a range of architectural materials.
We deploy the latest imaging and information collection tools for cultural resource surveys, which gives us an edge on other preservation firms. Using data captured from scanners and high resolution cameras, in combination with in-person studies, our team efficiently produces as-built drawings, existing conditions, and treatment surveys.
Construction Documents & Project Management4/5
Architects and Builders hire us to take their conservation projects from start to finish. We provide recommendations, construction documents (drawings and specifications), project management, and quality control monitoring.
Architectural Reproductions 5/5
We use a combination of custom 3D models and renderings from historical documents to create art molds from existing & missing architectural elements. Using the latest 3D scanning and digital sculpting methods we recreate missing pieces and entire architectural elements made from wood, concrete, cast stone, stone, terra cotta, and more.
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