Many of our previous projects are sensitive and we take special measures to respect our clients' confidentiality and refrain from publishing privileged content. SOE is happy to provide additional project information, certificates of insurance and mutual non-disclosure agreements upon request.




John Ruskin


A documentary investigation into Ruskin, Viollet-le-Duc and the long-term effects of Restoration on the Built Environment

In collaboration with Travis Kennedy and the organization ARCHiVe (Analysis and Recording of Cultural Heritage in Venice), SOE used digital documentation techniques to record architectural sites in Venice funded by the William Kinne Traveling Fellowship. SOE used photogrammetry to continue scholar John Ruskin’s project of “watching old buildings with an anxious care” through documentation while also interrogating the enduring relevance of Ruskin’s 19th-century ideals as a basis for 21st-century preservation. The final products of this work will be featured in a published monograph and used as a pilot project for ARCHiVE at the Cini Foundation.

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Marble / Granite
Oldest Dated circa 9th Century


In collaboration with Factum Foundation and Columbia GSAPP, SOE used photogrammetry to record marble spolia located on the walls of San Marco Basilica in Venice, Italy. SOE produced high-resolution digital 3D models of the marble spolia that accurately shows the current conservation state of the architectural material.

The final deliverable for this project included two high-resolution digital meshes and renders of the marble surfaces. Factum Foundation used this work for a larger digitization project in Venice.




Wood, Paint, Plaster
Dated circa 1560


SOE conducted photogrammetry for a project at the Cini Foundation located on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, in Venice Italy. In collaboration with Factum Foundation and Columbia GSAPP, SOE used photogrammetry to record a renaissance era ceiling located within the monastic complex dating to 982 with later Palladian additions. SOE produced a 3D mesh and render of the full ceiling in color for the foundation’s archive. The 3D model and render was used by Cini Foundation to monitor and assess recent cosmetic and structural restoration work to the ceiling.



Plaster & Paint
11th Century


In collaboration with Columbia University Art Properties, SOE used a Lucida 3D laser scanner to record the surface of an eleventh-century Chinese Fresco. The fresco and its substrate were removed from the original location and placed in a frame and later acquired by the University’s collection. The purpose of this project was to use laser scanning technology to produce a high-resolution 3D model and render of the fresco’s surface for the Art Properties collection.



Documentation of the Heritage Trail


During the 2017 GSAPP Summer Workshop, SOE used a combination of architectural photography, video, and recording techniques to document heritage sites along the newly established Jordan Trail. The purpose of deploying these documentation methods was to use the information as a tool to demonstrate the current advantages and challenges of the trail, and also to illustrate methods for preserving and documenting these sites to local stakeholders. The final products of this project were presented in a presentation to the Jordanian government officials and included a video, 3D models, images, and 360 degree panoramas of significant Roman and Byzantine sites.