SOE brings preservation into the twenty-first century by testing and utilizing emerging technologies such as laser scanning, photogrammetry, photography, and augmented/virtual reality. Not only do we develop new innovative preservation methodologies, but also educational programming, professional collaboration, exhibitions, and publications related to our efforts.


Museum quality photogrammetry

We are trained Photogrammetry experts, Bonded and insured we guarantee only the highest quality scans. SOE has worked with the worlds leading Universities as well as industry leaders in Tech, Historic Preservation and Entertainment.


professional presentations

Organizing and presenting complex information is what we’re here to do, and we do it well.


analysis made easy

Don’t feel overwhelmed, we have the expertise to assist your project in all matters relating to historic preservation.


Research & design:

AR / VR / UI / UX


only the best equipment

We are innovators that only work with the best equipment. Whether its photography or scanning you can rest assured that you will receive the best data possible.


Documentation & Data Management

3D Laser Scanning and Architectural Surveying

High-resolution Photography

Architectural Documentation

As-Built Drawings

Existing Conditions Drawings

As-Built Point Clouds for BIM

Textured 3D models

Comprehensive planning for long-term data storage

Strategies for organizing/managing digital databases


Cultural heritage minded User interface design

Ios and android App Design

interactive web publishing

Virtual Experience design

digital database design

digital asset clearance research



Research & Reports

All of our staff hold a Masters of Science degree or higher from top universities, we are uniquely qualified to work with the world’s most sensitive objects of all scales, whether they be statues or world class monuments.

Nominations to the National Register of Historic Places

Designation Reports

Historic Resource Surveys

Historic Resource Inventory Forms

Photographic Documentation

The City of New York Landmarks Preservation Commission Applications

Client Representation at Public Hearings

Digital documentation for insurance


Design and Fabrication

Digital & Physical Modeling

Historic Interior Design 

Historically Accurate Set Design

Digital Graphics and Presentations