SOE Studio is situated at the pivotal intersection of technology, architecture, history, and culture. We recognize the importance of this unique position and make it our mission to further democratize cultural heritage. Cultural heritage is a fundamental human right, and our success must be measured beyond profit. Thus, we aim to serve the communities in which we work by increasing access to and inclusion in cultural heritage projects. To do so, we develop not only new, innovative preservation methodologies but also educational programming, professional collaboration, exhibitions, and publications related to historic preservation. 



SOE Legacy

SOE’s (Special Operations Executives) name is influenced from both the Monuments Men of the second world war and the work of the British Special Operation Executives; the first of which worked to secure culturally significant objects, and the second, utilized advanced technology as a means to achieve their missions during conflict. To date, SOE has completed preservation projects in America, Spain, Italy, and Jordan.




Andre Paul Jauregui
M.Sci HP, B.Arch

Partner, Architectural Design


Halley Ramos
M.Sci HP, B.A.

Partner, Operations



In 2017, Andre and Halley founded SOE, the first practice in NYC dedicated to developing and implementing digital technologies for advancing historic preservation practices. 


Co-founders Andre Jauregui and Halley Ramos are graduates of Columbia University GSAPP’s Historic Preservation Program. While receiving their M.Sci within the oldest historic preservation program in the country Andre and Halley worked together extensively in the Middle East and Europe, and during their studies, they both trained at the Madrid based organization, Factum Foundation.

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231 Bowery
New York, NY, 10002
United States


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